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从一开始到十三世纪的礼仪书籍史-A History of Liturgical Books, From the Beginning to the Thirteenth Century

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标题(title):A History of Liturgical Books, From the Beginning to the Thirteenth Century
作者(author):Eric Palazzo, transl. by Madeleine Beaumont
出版社(publisher):The Liturgical Press
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This book is fundamental in several ways. First, it supplies serious overall information
on the liturgical books, both in the categories the author has personally studied (the understanding of
which he advances in several cases) and in those published by other researchers.
Second, Palazzo seems to practice naturally the essential give and take with the history of
civilization, of which M.-D. Chenu gave a remarkable example and which, J. Le Goff had the kindness
to say, characterizes my work on the liturgy in history. Palazzo does this in two ways: by showing an
attentive respect for the religious quality proper to the liturgy—a respect I deem essential—and by
acknowledging the place of the liturgy within the larger framework of history as well as the
interactions in which the liturgical practice is involved. In addition, Palazzo exhibits a quality for
which most liturgists (I among them), envy him, that is, his competence in matters of paleography andcodicology. As I write this, I remember a remark the master paleographer B. Bischoff made to me one
day, “I have the highest esteem for the liturgical science although I myself am not a liturgist. F.
Wormald, for his part, has the twofold competence.” Such a twofold competence is what we need.
Finally, this book is a very good example of the proper attention to the way liturgical books were
used in the celebration and pastoral practice of the Middle Ages, which I had the opportunity of
studying in the course of the years in my conversations with M. Huglo and N. K. Rasmussen: one
must take into account simultaneously the measure of oral usage in liturgical practice,1 the
complementarity of books in a common celebration (as rediscovered in the liturgy after Vatican II),
the modest significance of libelli composed for a specific occasion, and the compact books (breviaries,
for instance). Palazzo excellently applies himself to all this.
Table of contents :
Title Page
List of Bibliographical Abbreviations
Preface by Pierre-Marie Gy, O.P.
Preface to the English Language Edition
The Liturgical Year: History and Definition
Part One: Historiography of the Research on Liturgical Books
I. The Science of the Liturgy
1. Precursors (Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries)
2. Liturgical Renewal in the Twentieth Century
3. Liturgical Studies after Vatican II
II. Studies on Liturgical Books
1. Historic Review of the Research
2. Research on Latin Liturgical Books of the Middle Ages in the Nineteenth and Twentieth
A Rapid Review of the Research on Different Books
Theoreticians and New Orientations of Research
Part Two: The Books of the Mass
I. The Sacramentary, The Book of the Celebrant
1. Content of the Sacramentary
The Canon of the Mass
The Calendar
The Ordo Missae
Mass Formularies (Temporal, Sanctoral, Common of Saints, Votive Masses)
The “Ritual Ordines”
The Blessings
2. Ancient and Modern Names for the Sacramentary
References in Liturgical and Other Texts
3. History of the Sacramentaries of the High Middle Ages
The Sacramentaries before the Sacramentaries: At the Dawn of Liturgical Books
The Liturgical Libelli
The Leonine Sacramentary
History of the Book
Nature of the Book
Origin and Date
Descendants of the Book
The Gelasian Sacramentaries
The Old Gelasian (after Vat. Regin. 316)
History of the Book
Nature of the Book and Date of Composition
Content of the Book
Descendants and Historical Importance of the Book
The Eighth-Century Gelasian or Frankish Gelasian
History of the Book
Origin and Date of the Archetype
Nature and Content of the Book
The Gregorian Sacramentaries
Nature and Origin of the Book
The Gregorian of the Hadrianum Type
The Type 2 Gregorian (Paduense)
The Pre-Hadrianic Gregorian
Evolution of the Main Types of Sacramentaries between 850 and 1000: The
Composite Sacramentaries
4. Illustration of Sacramentaries during the High Middle Ages
II. The Books of Chant
1. History of Liturgical Chant in the High Middle Ages
2. The Chants of the Roman Mass
The Chants of the Proper
The Chants of the Ordinary
Enrichment of the Chant at Mass
Liturgical and Codicological Preliminaries
3. The Antiphonal of the Mass or Gradual
Nature and Content of the Book
Origin, Date of Composition, and Evolution
Historical Importance of the Antiphonal of the Mass
4. The Gradual Outside the Gradual (or Antiphonal of the Mass)
5. The Cantatorium
6. The Troper
7. Other Forms of Books
8. Illustration of the Chant Books of the High Middle Ages
III. The Books of Readings
1. History of the Liturgical Readings for the Mass
2. The Lists of Pericopes before the Books of Readings
3. The Early Forms of the Books of Readings
4. The Lists of Pericopes or Capitularies
5. The Book of Gospels with the Capitulare Evangeliorum; the Evangeliary
Content of the Capitularies and Evangeliaries
6. The Capitulare Lectionum and Epistolary
7. The Lectionaries
8. Illustration of the Books of Readings
IV. Genesis and Development of the Missal
Part Three: The Books of the Office
I. History and Function of the Office in the West
1. Recalling Some Historical Facts
Origins of the Prayer of the Hours
Origins of the Office in the West (Fourth to Sixth Centuries)
The Roman Office in the Middle Ages (Sixth to Fifteenth Centuries)
2. Rites, Spirituality, and Structure of the Office
The Rites and Officiants
Structure and Spirituality of the Hours
Simplified Structure of the Content of the Hours of the Roman Monastic Office
(Benedictine Form)
Definitions of the Principal Elements of the Office
II. Chant at the Office
1. The Psalter
The Manuscripts
Decoration of the Psalter
2. The Antiphonal of the Office
Content of the Antiphonal
The Manuscript Tradition
Historical Importance of the Antiphonal of the Office
3. The Hymnal
History, Forms, and Functions of Hymns
The Hymn Repertories
The Manuscript Tradition
III. Prayer at the Office: The Collectar
Nature and Content of the Book
The Manuscript Tradition
IV. Reading at the Office
1. The Biblical Readings and Their Books
2. The Patristic Readings and Their Books
3. The Hagiographic Readings and Their Books
4. The Lectionary of the Office
V. The Books of the Office of Prime
1. The Office in Chapter after Prime
2. The Chapter Book
3. The Martyrology
4. The Necrology and Obituary
VI. Genesis and Development of the Breviary
Part Four: The Books of Sacraments and Rites
I. The Ordines Romani
1. History of the Ordines Romani
2. Nature of the Ordines Romani
3. The Ordines Romani in the Manuscripts
4. History and Content of the Collections of Ordines Romani and Other Ordines
5. The Roman Collection or Collection A
6. The Gallicanized Collection or Collection B
7. The Gallican Collections
II. The Rituals
1. Definition and Function of the Medieval Ritual
2. The Ritual in the Libelli: Forms and Functions
3. The Composite Rituals
4. The Medieval Designations of the Ritual
III. The Pontifical, The Book of the Bishop
1. The First Pontificals or “Primitive Pontificals”
The Gathering of Libelli of Episcopal Ordines
2. A Category by Itself: The Benedictionals
3. The Romano-Germanic Pontifical
Nature and Content of the RGP
The Manuscript Tradition
Origin, Date, and Historical Circumstances of the Creation of the RGP
4. The Roman and Non-Roman Pontificals
5. Illustration of the Pontifical
IV. The Customaries
1. History of the Medieval Customaries
2. Nature and Content of the Customaries
3. Historical and Liturgical Interest of the Customaries
V. The Ordinaries
1. History of the Ordinary and Attempt at Typology
2. Historical and Liturgical Interest of the Ordinaries
VI. The Processionals
Content and History of the Processional
VII. The Ceremonials
Selected Bibliography
Index of Persons
Index of Places
Index of Liturgical Pieces
Index of Manuscripts
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从一开始到十三世纪的礼仪书籍史-A History of Liturgical Books, From the Beginning to the Thirteenth Century
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