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入与出:现代派写作与看不见的摄影-In and Out of Sight: Modernist Writing and the Photographic Unseen文件编号:1060

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标题(title):In and Out of Sight: Modernist Writing and the Photographic Unseen
作者(author):Alix Beeston
出版社(publisher):Oxford University Press
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In a post-digital media landscape tracked endlessly by streams and feeds of images, it is clearer than ever that photography is an art poised between arresting singularity and ambiguous plurality. Drawing on work in visual culture studies that emphasizes the interplay between still and moving images, In and Out of Sight provides a provocative new account of the relationship between photography and modernist literature--a literature which has long been considered to trace, in its formal experimentation, the influence of modern visual technologies.

Making pioneering claims about the importance of photography to the writing of Gertrude Stein, Jean Toomer, John Dos Passos, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Alix Beeston traverses the history of photography in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. From the composite experiments of Francis Galton to the epic portrait project of August Sander; from the surrealist self-fashioning of Claude Cahun to the reappropriation of lynching photographs by black activist groups; from the collectable postcards of Broadway stars to the glamour shots of Hollywood celebrities-these and other serialized photographic projects provide essential contexts for understanding the fragmentary, composite forms of literary modernism.

In a series of richly detailed literary analyses, Beeston argues that the gaps and intervals of the composite literary text model the visual syntax of photography--as well as its silences, absences, and equivocations. In them, the social and political order of modernity is negotiated and reshaped. Moving in and out of these textual openings, In and Out of Sight pursues the fleeting, visible and invisible figure of the woman-in-series, who recasts absence and silence as forms of presence and witness. This shadowy figure emerges as central to the conceptual space of modernist literature--a terrain not only gendered but radically constructed around the instability of female bodies and their desires.
Table of contents :
Cover......Page 1
Half title......Page 2
Series......Page 3
In and Out of Sight......Page 4
Copyright......Page 5
Dedication......Page 6
Contents......Page 8
Foreword......Page 10
Acknowledgments......Page 14
Introduction: Things Normally Unseen......Page 20
1. Bodies Bad and Gentle: The Surrealist Convulsions
of Gertrude Stein’s Three Lives......Page 49
2. Black Flesh Is White Ash: Reframing Jean Toomer’s Cane......Page 85
3. Frozen in the Glassy, Bluestreaked Air: John Dos Passos’s
Photographic Metropolis......Page 127
4. Torn, Burned, and Yet Dancing: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s
Hollywood Writing......Page 166
Coda: Shared Hallucinations......Page 207
Notes......Page 216
Works Cited......Page 250
Index......Page 272

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