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生产力革命:控制你的时间,把事情做好!(改变你的习惯,改变你的生活方式2)-The Productivity Revolution: Control your time and get things

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标题(title):The Productivity Revolution: Control your time and get things done! (Change your habits, change your life Book 2)
作者(author):Marc Reklau
出版社(publisher):Marc Reklau
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Double Your Productivity with these habits.

Are you tired of losing focus, procrastinating, and leaving projects unfinished?
What if you could dramatically increase your productivity?
What if you could stop being overwhelmed and get an extra hour a day to do the things you love?
What would finally having time to spend with your family, some alone time to read, or exercise mean to you?

In this book, international bestselling author Marc Reklau shows you his proven secrets to extreme productivity. Learn the best strategies to overcome procrastination, improve your mindset, and achieve your goals.

More than anything else in your life or career, the way you manage your time will determine your success or failure. It’s simple: The better you use your time, the more you will get accomplished, hence the more you will earn.

The secret of successful people is to focus on the most important things on their to-do lists and actually do them.

This simple, fast-paced e-Book will help you to get more done in less time and with less stress. It will take you through simple, practical, and doable steps and create a system for optimal productivity that can change your life forever. You’ll do things faster - and even more importantly - you will do the right things! (Most people don’t have time because they waste it on doing unimportant stuff)

You'll learn:

How to use your to-do lists correctly
The best tricks to overcome procrastination and do the important stuff
How to stop being busy and aim for results
How to save 7 to 14 hours a week by changing just one habit.
How to identify your REAL priorities and the tasks that bring most ROI
How to get control of your emails and avoid an overflowing inbox
How to detect and prevent burning out
How to reduce stress from client-imposed deadlines to virtually zero
How to leave work without working extra time and not feeling guilty for it.
How to conquer distractions and interruptions and not let technology conquer you
…and much more!

Take action today!

Increase your productivity NOW and finally stop feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

To have more time, you will have to change your habits and do things differently every day. You can use the habits you will learn immediately to gain two or more hours a day.

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生产力革命:控制你的时间,把事情做好!(改变你的习惯,改变你的生活方式2)-The Productivity Revolution: Control your time and get things
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