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数量民族学进展:第一届国际会议,ICQE 2019,麦迪逊,威斯康星州,美国,2019年10月20-22日,会议记录-Advances in Quantitative Ethnography: Fir

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标题(title):Advances in Quantitative Ethnography: First International Conference, ICQE 2019, Madison, WI, USA, October 20–22, 2019, Proceedings
数量民族学进展:第一届国际会议,ICQE 2019,麦迪逊,威斯康星州,美国,2019年10月20-22日,会议记录
作者(author):Brendan Eagan, Morten Misfeldt, Amanda Siebert-Evenstone
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography, ICQE 2019, held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, in October 2019.

It consists of 23 full and 9 short carefully reviewed papers selected from 52 submissions. The contributions come from a diverse range of fields and perspectives, including learning analytics, history, and systems engineering, all attempting to understand the breadth of human behavior using quantitative ethnographic approaches.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Examining Identity Exploration in a Video Game Participatory Culture (Amanda Barany, Aroutis Foster)....Pages 3-13
Using ENA to Analyze Pre-service Teachers’ Diagnostic Argumentations: A Conceptual Framework and Initial Applications (Elisabeth Bauer, Michael Sailer, Jan Kiesewetter, Claudia Schulz, Jonas Pfeiffer, Iryna Gurevych et al.)....Pages 14-25
The Multimodal Matrix as a Quantitative Ethnography Methodology (Simon Buckingham Shum, Vanessa Echeverria, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado)....Pages 26-40
nCoder+: A Semantic Tool for Improving Recall of nCoder Coding (Zhiqiang Cai, Amanda Siebert-Evenstone, Brendan Eagan, David Williamson Shaffer, Xiangen Hu, Arthur C. Graesser)....Pages 41-54
Examining the Dynamic of Participation Level on Group Contribution in a Global, STEM-Focused Digital Makerspace Community (Danielle P. Espino, Seung B. Lee, Lauren Van Tress, Eric R. Hamilton)....Pages 55-65
What is the Effect of a Dominant Code in an Epistemic Network Analysis? (Rafael Ferreira Mello, Dragan Gašević)....Pages 66-76
Tracing Identity Exploration Trajectories with Quantitative Ethnographic Techniques: A Case Study (Aroutis Foster, Mamta Shah, Amanda Barany, Hamideh Talafian)....Pages 77-88
Adolescents’ Views of Third-Party Vengeful and Reparative Actions (Karin S. Frey, Saejin Kwak-Tanquay, Hannah A. Nguyen, Ada C. Onyewuenyi, Zoe Higheagle Strong, Ian A. Waller)....Pages 89-105
Using Epistemic Networks with Automated Codes to Understand Why Players Quit Levels in a Learning Game (Shamya Karumbaiah, Ryan S. Baker, Amanda Barany, Valerie Shute)....Pages 106-116
Use of Training, Validation, and Test Sets for Developing Automated Classifiers in Quantitative Ethnography (Seung B. Lee, Xiaofan Gui, Megan Manquen, Eric R. Hamilton)....Pages 117-127
Theme Analyses for Open-Ended Survey Responses in Education Research on Summer Melt Phenomenon (Haiying Li, Joyce Zhou-Yile Schnieders, Becky L. Bobek)....Pages 128-140
Computationally Augmented Ethnography: Emotion Tracking and Learning in Museum Games (Kit Martin, Emily Q. Wang, Connor Bain, Marcelo Worsley)....Pages 141-153
Using Process Mining (PM) and Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) for Comparing Processes of Collaborative Problem Regulation (Nadine Melzner, Martin Greisel, Markus Dresel, Ingo Kollar)....Pages 154-164
Students’ Collaboration Patterns in a Productive Failure Setting: An Epistemic Network Analysis of Contrasting Cases (Valentina Nachtigall, Hanall Sung)....Pages 165-176
The Influence of Discipline on Teachers’ Knowledge and Decision Making (Michael Phillips, Vitomir Kovanović, Ian Mitchell, Dragan Gašević)....Pages 177-188
Let’s Listen to the Data: Sonification for Learning Analytics (Eric Sanchez, Théophile Sanchez)....Pages 189-198
Examining the Impact of Virtual City Planning on High School Students’ Identity Exploration (Mamta Shah, Aroutis Foster, Hamideh Talafian, Amanda Barany)....Pages 199-210
Multiple Uses for Procedural Simulators in Continuing Medical Education Contexts (Andrew R. Ruis, Alexandra A. Rosser, Jay N. Nathwani, Megan V. Beems, Sarah A. Jung, Carla M. Pugh)....Pages 211-222
Cause and Because: Using Epistemic Network Analysis to Model Causality in the Next Generation Science Standards (Amanda Siebert-Evenstone, David Williamson Shaffer)....Pages 223-233
Student Teachers’ Discourse During Puppetry-Based Microteaching (Takehiro Wakimoto, Hiroshi Sasaki, Ryoya Hirayama, Toshio Mochizuki, Brendan Eagan, Natsumi Yuki et al.)....Pages 234-244
Using Epistemic Network Analysis to Explore Outcomes of Care Transitions (Abigail R. Wooldridge, RuthAnn Haefli)....Pages 245-256
Exploring the Development of Reflection Among Pre-service Teachers in Online Collaborative Writing: An Epistemic Network Analysis (Yuhe Yi, Xiaoxu Lu, Jing Leng)....Pages 257-266
Epistemic Network Analysis for Semi-structured Interviews and Other Continuous Narratives: Challenges and Insights (Szilvia Zörgő, Gjalt-Jorn Ygram Peters)....Pages 267-277
Front Matter ....Pages 279-279
Quantitative Multimodal Interaction Analysis for the Assessment of Problem-Solving Skills in a Collaborative Online Game (Alejandro Andrade, Bryan Maddox, David Edwards, Pravin Chopade, Saad Khan)....Pages 281-290
On the Equivalence of Inductive Content Analysis and Topic Modeling (Aneesha Bakharia)....Pages 291-298
Using Recent Advances in Contextual Word Embeddings to Improve the Quantitative Ethnography Workflow (Aneesha Bakharia, Linda Corrin)....Pages 299-306
The Dynamic Interaction Between Engagement, Friendship, and Collaboration in Robot Children Triads (Yanghee Kim, Michael Tscholl)....Pages 307-314
Effects of Perspective-Taking Through Tangible Puppetry in Microteaching and Reflection on the Role-Play with 3D Animation (Toshio Mochizuki, Hiroshi Sasaki, Yuta Yamaguchi, Ryoya Hirayama, Yoshihiko Kubota, Brendan Eagan et al.)....Pages 315-325
A Socio-Semantic Network Analysis of Discourse Using the Network Lifetime and the Moving Stanza Window Method (Ayano Ohsaki, Jun Oshima)....Pages 326-333
Designing an Interface for Sharing Quantitative Ethnographic Research Data (Zachari Swiecki, Cody Marquart, Arjun Sachar, Cesar Hinojosa, Andrew R. Ruis, David Williamson Shaffer)....Pages 334-341
Post-hoc Bayesian Hypothesis Tests in Epistemic Network Analyses (M. Shane Tutwiler)....Pages 342-348
Applying Epistemic Network Analysis to Explore the Application of Teaching Assistant Software in Classroom Learning (Lijiao Yue, Youli Hu, Jing Xiao)....Pages 349-357
Back Matter ....Pages 359-360


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数量民族学进展:第一届国际会议,ICQE 2019,麦迪逊,威斯康星州,美国,2019年10月20-22日,会议记录-Advances in Quantitative Ethnography: Fir
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