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延迟的梦想,反抗的斗争:对黑人、归属和公民权利的批判视角-Deferred Dreams, Defiant Struggles: Critical Perspectives on Blackness,文件编号:658

上传于 2020年2月25日 16:03
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标题(title):Deferred Dreams, Defiant Struggles: Critical Perspectives on Blackness, Belonging, and Civil Rights
作者(author):Violet Showers Johnson; Gundolf Graml; Williams Lessane Patricia (Eds.)
出版社(publisher):Liverpool University Press
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Deferred Dreams, Defiant Struggles interrogates Blackness and illustrates how it has been used as a basis to oppress, dismiss and exclude Blacks from societies and institutions in Europe, North America and South America. Employing uncharted analytical categories that tackle intriguing themes about borderless non-racial African ancestry, "traveling" identities and post-blackness, the essays provide new lenses for viewing the "Black" struggle worldwide. This approach directs the contributors' focus to understudied locations and protagonists. In the volume, Charleston, South Carolina is more prominent than Little Rock Arkansas in the struggle to desegregate schools; Chicago occupies the space usually reserved for Atlanta or other southern city "bulwarks" of the civil rights movement; diverse Africans in France and Afro-descended Chileans illustrate the many facets of negotiating belonging, long articulated by examples from the Greensboro Woolworth counter sit-in or the Montgomery Bus Boycott; unknown men in the British empire, who inverted dying confessions meant to vilify their blackness, demonstrate new dimensions in the story about race and religion, often told by examples of fiery clergy of the Black Church; and the theatres and studios of dramatists and visual artists replace the Mall in Washington DC as the stage for the performance of identities and activism.
Table of contents :
Cover......Page 1
Contents......Page 7
List of Illustrations......Page 9
Acknowledgments......Page 10
List of Contributors......Page 11
1 Introduction: Deferred Dreams, Defiant Struggles......Page 15
Diaspora, Displacement, Marginalization, and Collective Identities......Page 23
2 Josephine Baker’s Routes and Roots:
Mobility, Belonging, and Activism in the Atlantic World......Page 25
3 Beyond the Ethnographic Other:
Pan-African Activism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century......Page 47
4 Black Sojourners in the Métropole and in the Homeland: Challenges of Otherness in Calixthe Beyala’s Loukoum: The “Little Prince” of Belleville and Myriam Warner-Vieyra’s Juletane......Page 71
Performing Identities, Reclaiming the Self......Page 89
5 Staging the Scaffold: Criminal Conversion Narratives of the Late Eighteenth Century......Page 91
6 The Plays of Carlton and Barbara Molette: The Transformative Power
of African-American Theater......Page 108
Moved to Act: Civil Rights Activism in the US and Beyond......Page 129
7 “Together We Can Build a Nation
of Love and Integration”: The 1965
North Shore Summer Project for Fair Housing in Chicago’s Northern Suburbs......Page 131
8 Redrawing Borders of Belonging in a Narrow Nation: Afro-Chilean Activism in the Hinterlands of Afro-Latin America......Page 151
9 Lowcountry, High Demands: The Struggle for Quality Education in Charleston, South Carolina......Page 168
Index......Page 189

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