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行得通的社会主义:新加坡之路-Socialism That Works: The Singapore Way文件编号:520

上传于 2020年2月25日 16:03
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标题(title):Socialism That Works: The Singapore Way
作者(author):C. V. Devan Nair (Editor)
出版社(publisher):Federal Publications
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Singapore is too far away, and perhaps too unimportant, to influence to any significant degree the course of social democratic debate in Western Europe. But it (is not too far away from its own situation in the highly volatile milieu of Southeast Asia. This book' of essays, by Singaporeans, many of whom have been in the forefront of the struggle for a democratize and a non-communist Singapore, states plainly why Singapore's leaders cannot allow bogus social democratic elements in Western Europe to make; common cause with local communists, whose avowed aim is to overthrow the elected Governments of Malaysia and Singapore through recourse to armed violence.

It might justly be claimed that democratic socialism in Singapore has been eminently successful, thus far. And there is no reason why it need not continue to be successful, provided the leadership remains pragmatic, hard-headed, and consistent, in the non-communist social, economic, educational and cultural policies which they pursue.

The essays speak for themselves. No apology is offered for the barbs and arrows aimed at detractors. But these arrows are not poisoned. The authors' intentions are honorably therapeutic — not malevolent. Implicit in all the essays is an appeal to the intelligence and the enlightened self-interest of Western liberal opinion so that they understand, and in good time, the real nature and extent of communist aims in Southeast Asia, and the democratic alternative to communism which Singapore has provided. These essays are therefore meant as a contribution to the education of public opinion in the West about the hard facts of life in Southeast Asia today.

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