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第七届亚洲机电一体化国际研讨会论文集:第二卷-Proceedings of the Seventh Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics: Volu文件编号:407

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标题(title):Proceedings of the Seventh Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics: Volume II
作者(author):Baoyan Duan, Kazunori Umeda, Woonbong Hwang
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore
大小(size):163 MB (171018015 bytes)

This book presents high-quality papers from the Seventh Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics (AISM 2019). It discusses the latest technological trends and advances in electromechanical coupling and environmental adaptability design for electronic equipment, sensing and measurement, mechatronics in manufacturing and automation, micro-mechatronics, energy harvesting & storage, robotics, automation and control systems. It includes papers based on original theoretical, practical and experimental simulations, development, applications, measurements, and testing. The applications and solutions discussed here provide excellent reference material for future product developments.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvii
Construction and Implementation of Microcircuit Module Smart Factory (Yuhao He, Changming Hu, Yongfang Hu, Minghui Zhang, Jian Zhang, Rongchang Shi)....Pages 1-10
The High Precision Graphic Continuous Production Technology for the Ultra-long Thin Film Antenna (Zhaohang Zhang, Jinfeng Liu, Jingxia Shang, Weisheng Yang, Xu Chen, Jianjun Zhu)....Pages 11-18
Promote Intelligent Manufacturing with Lean Six Sigma Management Concept (Zhanfei Yan, Xinpeng Lei)....Pages 19-29
Research on Intelligent Manufacturing System Architecture and Key Technology of Radar Complete Machine Assembly (Kecun Ben)....Pages 30-41
Structural Performance Improvement and Optimal Design for a Strong-Shock Resistant Turntable Cabinet (Bo Jiang, Liangjuan Zhang)....Pages 42-55
A NURBS Curve Tool Path Generation Method Based on Curve Fitting Technology (Min Liu)....Pages 56-68
A Rotating-Magnet Based Mechanical Antenna for VLF Communication (Qiuping Yi, Na Li, Jin Zhang, Zhenyuan Sun)....Pages 69-77
Inkjet Printed Conductive Pattern and Closed Loop Flash Sintering for Microstrip Antenna (Fanbo Meng, Jin Huang)....Pages 78-83
Design of Acoustic Wave Mediated Magnetoelectric Antenna Used for Physiological Signal Monitoring (Zhenyuan Sun, Guobiao Yang, Na Li, Jin Zhang, Qiuping Yi)....Pages 84-96
Anti-frosting on Superhydrophobic Surface (Hyundo Hwang, Seongmin Kim, Jongseon Choi, Woonbong Hwang)....Pages 97-102
Biofilm Inhibition on Superhydrophobic PDMS (Jinyoung Park, Hana Yu, Seongmin Kim, Woonbong Hwang)....Pages 103-107
Diffusion Experiments Using AAO Nanofilter (Seeun Woo, Jinyoung Park, Woonbong Hwang)....Pages 108-112
A Design and Fabrication Method of Switch Array Based on TSV and LTCC Technology (Fei Zhao, Shiwang Jia, Yuanlan Dang, Jing Chen)....Pages 113-122
Study on the Application of Digital Twin Technology in Complex Electronic Equipment (Changming Hu, Wei Gao, Changhong Xu, Kecun Ben)....Pages 123-137
Research on the Design Method of Blind-Mating for the Modules in the Active Phased Array Radar (Jianlu Lv, Yeqing Gu, Ye Yao)....Pages 138-154
Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Microwave Multilayer Printed Circuit Board (Zhaohang Zhang, Weisheng Yang, Jinfeng Liu, Xu Chen, Jianjun Zhu)....Pages 155-162
Application of Reinforcement Learning in the Design of Microwave Circuit Matching Structure (Pengfei Yu, Fei Ji)....Pages 163-167
Study on Various Surface Treatment Technologies of High-Frequency PCBs (Dong Wu, Fang Fang, Zhao-hang Zhang, Wei-sheng Yang)....Pages 168-175
Study on Manufacturing Process Optimization of Radar Planar Slot Array Antenna Based on QFD (Jikong Wang, Kehong Zhou, Tao Yu, Lijun Guo)....Pages 176-186
Effect of Ge Elements of the Al-Ag-Cu Filler Metal on the 5A05 Aluminum Brazing (Jianwei Xu, Huili Cao, Wei Chen, Zhanying Feng)....Pages 187-191
Research on Reliability Improvement of Radar Servo System Based on FMECA Model (Yaowen Liu, Xueliang Zhang, Junyu Zhou)....Pages 192-200
A Study on Vibration of Crack Stator in Trum (Dianting Liu, Guibin Liang, Zhixian Zhong, Jingwen Tang)....Pages 201-214
Electromechanical and Thermal Synthesis Analysis of Spaceborne Active Phased Array Antenna (Kai Cui, Dongming Ge, Runran Deng, Jingli Du, Xuelin Du, Fengtao Zhang)....Pages 215-229
Thermal Reliability Simulation Analysis of Vehicle-Mounted Radar T/R Module Based on Physics of Failure Method (Wei Yan, Miao Li, Jipeng Liu, Junyong Shan, Zenghui Chen)....Pages 230-247
Calculation and Experimental Study of Evaporative Refrigeration Cycle Air Supply System (Gongli Tan, Jun Liu, Wenli Lv)....Pages 248-256
Experimental Investigation of Interface Thermal Resistance for High Power Electronic Module (Tao Wei, Guoping Chen, Xiangju Kong, Jiyu Qian)....Pages 257-265
Experimental Study on Thermal Performance of Aluminous Vapor Chamber (Dongdong Zhan, Jiyu Qian, Yusheng Zhang, Haojie Huang)....Pages 266-276
Structure Optimization of the Heat-Concentrated Radiator with Heat-Pipe (Kaibo Hu, Lizheng Su, Jipeng Liu)....Pages 277-285
Experimental and Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Flow Performance in 3D-Printing Microchannel with Staggered Pin-Fins Array (Chong Xu, Shanglong Xu, Dagui Huang)....Pages 286-299
Study on Flexible Support Scheme of 1 M Diameter Foundation Mirror (S. X. Yang, R. Li)....Pages 300-309
Electromagnetic Shielding Analysis of Heat Dissipation Structure for Welding Robot Servo Control Cabinet (Y. Zhang, R. Li, J. Y. Zhang, Z. P. Chen, K. He, C. G. Li)....Pages 310-318
Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment Based on Parametric Simulation (Hu Pan, Lejuan Ma, Ling Zhu, Huan Wang)....Pages 319-325
Experimental Study on Thermal Ratcheting Effect of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy (Fengqun Pan, Xiangjun Jiang, Chong Ni, Jingli Du)....Pages 326-333
Design and Numerical Simulation of a New Microchannel Heat Sink (Liming Yin, Mei Wang, Jinzhu Zhou, Tang Li)....Pages 334-344
The Temperature Field Reconstruction of Active Phased Array Antenna Based on POD Method (Wei Liu, Jin-Zhu Zhou, Mei Wang)....Pages 345-353
Thermal Design About Photovoltaic Cell Module of OMEGA Space Solar Power Station (Guanheng Fan, Xiangfei Ji)....Pages 354-360
Optimum Design of Energy Selective Surface Parameters for Low Start-Up Field Intensity (Yuchen Zhang, Yang Qiu)....Pages 361-370
Research on Thermal Control Design of Phased Array Radar Seekers (Li Li, Jing Tian)....Pages 371-380
Study on Uniform Air Supply Technology (Long Li, Xiaodong Zhang, Mingchun Tang)....Pages 381-389
An Active Positive Stiffness Elastic Suspension Method Based on Absolute Linear Scale (Zhangqiang He, Wang Li)....Pages 390-399
Research on Heat Dissipation Technology of the High-Power Array Antenna (Jiawei Ge, Dayuan Jin, Zhiwei Qian)....Pages 400-412
Numerical Investigation on the Thermal Management Performance of a Liquid-Cooled Cold Plate with Different Working Fluids (Liang Zhao, Qian Lv)....Pages 413-423
The Design of Thermal Resistance Testing System for Thermal Interface Material (Yu-xian Li, Jia-yu Hu)....Pages 424-435
Design, Fabrication and Measurement of Heat Sink with Microchannel Cold Frame for Electronics Cooling (Yanfei Bian, Shuai Zhuang, Meng Cai, Shi Li, Lichao Tong, Shengxuan Wu)....Pages 436-444
Thermal Design and Optimization for Forced Air Cooling VPX Equipment Based on 6SigmaET (Meng Cai, Yanfei Bian, Shi Li, Lichao Tong, Shengxuan Wu)....Pages 445-451
Investigation for a Phase Change Immersion Cooling System (Yanzhao Cai, Yuqing Xue, Xueyong Chen, Yali Feng, Peng Wei, Shanwei Zheng)....Pages 452-462
Microstructure and Properties of Semi-solid Die Casting of High Silicon Aluminum Alloy with High Thermal Conductivity (Jin Liu, Shusen Wu, Jinqiao Zheng)....Pages 463-470
Experimental Study on the Thermodynamic Properties of Carbon Fiber Hollow Fabric Composites (Chunlin Li, Zhengliang Zhou, Dajuan Zhao)....Pages 471-478
Analysis of Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Vertical and Inclined Plate Fin Heat Sinks (Degao Hou, Xiaofeng Xin, Jiyu Qian)....Pages 479-487
Geometry Optimization and Thermal Design of Natural Convection for Heat Sinks with Straight Fins (Jinkai Wu, Jiyu Qian)....Pages 488-498
Experimental Study on a Novel Indium-Based Alloy Thermal Interface Material with Low Contact Thermal Resistance (Jian Peng, Haojie Huang, Tao Wei, Jiyu Qian)....Pages 499-508
Research on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Air Cooling Plate Embedded with Heat Pipes (Jiyuan Xu, Jiyu Qian)....Pages 509-517
Thermal Performance of Graphene-Aluminum Based Fins for Heat Sink Application (Jiyu Qian, Degao Hou)....Pages 518-526
Thermal Structure Optimization of a Compact Power Supply Module (Dongmei Yang)....Pages 527-534
Research on the Heat Dissipation Characteristics of High Thermal Conductivity Materials in Near Space (Yusheng Zhang, Dongdong Zhan, Jiyuan Xu)....Pages 535-543
Forming and Packing Process of High Density Mental Micro-channel Heat Sink (Hui Lv, Wen Zhao)....Pages 544-552
Study on Precision Manufacturing and Thermal Deformation of Terahertz Parabolic-Antenna (RenChe Wang)....Pages 553-559
Design of Vibration Fixture for the Airborne Electronic Equipment Based on Sub-regional Topology Optimization Method (Jingkai Wu, Zhigang Yang)....Pages 560-572
Influence of Pedestal Deformation Caused by Solar Radiation on the Pointing Accuracy of Radio Telescope (Deqing Kong, Zhengyang Jiang, Hongbo Zhang, Zan Wang, Zhiping Chen)....Pages 573-586
Study on the Flow and Heat Characteristic of LTCC Embedded Flow Channel (Xiaohong Liu, Xiangyu Sun, Fei Wang, Li Wang, Wei Gou)....Pages 587-594
The Design of Variant Gradient Fractal Dot Matrix Structure Strengthening PCM Heat Sink (Chang-wu Xiong, Jia-yu Hu, Xiu-li Liu)....Pages 595-602
The Analysis of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Whip Antenna on the Vehicle (Bin Xie, Guangshuo Zhang, Chongchong Chen, Xutong Xie)....Pages 603-612
Structural Design of an ATR Air-Proof Enclosure wi
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