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意大利知识分子与国际政治,1945-1992-Italian Intellectuals And International Politics, 1945–1992文件编号:346

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标题(title):Italian Intellectuals And International Politics, 1945–1992
作者(author):Alessandra Tarquini, Andrea Guiso
出版社(publisher):Palgrave Macmillan
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Italian intellectuals played an important role in the shaping of international politics during the Cold War. The visions of the world that they promulgated, their influence on public opinion and their ability to shape collective speech, whether in agreement with or in opposition to those in power, have been underestimated and understudied. This volume marks one of the first serious attempts to assess how Italian intellectuals understood and influenced Italy’s place in the post–World War II world. The protagonists represent the three key post-war political cultures: Catholic, Marxist and Liberal Democratic. Together, these essays uncover the role of such intellectuals in institutional networks, their impact on the national and transnational circulation of ideas and the relationships they established with a variety of international associations and movements.
Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
Introduction: Italian Intellectuals and International Politics (Andrea Guiso, Alessandra Tarquini)....Pages 1-27
Front Matter ....Pages 29-29
The “Blood of Others”: Mao’s China in the Discourse of Democratic Intellectuals During the 1950s (Luca Polese Remaggi)....Pages 31-50
Telling the Truth: From Socialist Toward Democratic Antifascism and Anti-totalitarianism in the 1950s (Marco Bresciani)....Pages 51-68
Il Mulino and the East-West Ideological Confrontation: From Destalinization to 1968 (Donatello Aramini, Laura Ciglioni)....Pages 69-90
Guido Carli: A Liberal Technician and the Making of Europe (Daniele Caviglia)....Pages 91-107
Front Matter ....Pages 109-109
Italian Catholic Intellectuals and Indigenous Latin Americans: Transnational Networks and Violence at the End of the Cold War (Massimo De Giuseppe)....Pages 111-130
Catholic Culture Put to the Test of Détente: The Case of Augusto Del Noce (Giovanni Mario Ceci)....Pages 131-151
The International Politics of a Christian Realist: Beniamino Andreatta and Europe (Andrea Guiso)....Pages 153-174
Front Matter ....Pages 175-175
Anti-Semitism and the Arab-Israeli Question: The Italian Left in the First Ten Years of the Republic (Alessandra Tarquini)....Pages 177-198
An Italian Communist in the Spain of the 1960s: The Worthless Journey of Rossana Rossanda (Paola Lo Cascio)....Pages 199-216
The Debate on Post-colonial Africa in the Pages of Mondoperaio: The Reflection of Socialists on Decolonization (1955–1987) (Gianluca Scroccu)....Pages 217-233
Solidarity and Italian Labor Movement Culture: CGIL Intellectuals and Revision of the CGIL’s International Relations (1980–1982) (Enrico Serventi Longhi)....Pages 235-254
PCI Intellectuals and the Image of “Reagan’s America” (Gregorio Sorgonà)....Pages 255-273
Back Matter ....Pages 275-283

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