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机器人2019:第四届伊比利亚机器人会议:机器人学进展,第2卷-Robot 2019: Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference: Advances in Robotics

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标题(title):Robot 2019: Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference: Advances in Robotics, Volume 2
作者(author):Manuel F. Silva, José Luís Lima, Luís Paulo Reis, Alberto Sanfeliu, Danilo Tardioli
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book gathers a selection of papers presented at ROBOT 2019 – the Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference, held in Porto, Portugal, on November 20th–22nd, 2019. ROBOT 2019 is part of a series of conferences jointly organized by the SPR – Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica (Portuguese Society for Robotics) and SEIDROB – Sociedad Española para la Investigación y Desarrollo en Robótica (Spanish Society for Research and Development in Robotics).

ROBOT 2019 built upon several previous successful events, including three biannual workshops and the three previous installments of the Iberian Robotics Conference, and chiefly focused on presenting the latest findings and applications in robotics from the Iberian Peninsula, although the event was also open to research and researchers from other countries.

The event featured five plenary talks on state-of-the-art topics and 16 special sessions, plus a main/general robotics track. In total, after a stringent review process, 112 high-quality papers written by authors from 24 countries were selected for publication.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Generalized Camera Array Model for Standard Plenoptic Cameras (Nuno Barroso Monteiro, José António Gaspar)....Pages 3-14
Robot Navigation to Approach People Using \(G^2\)-Spline Path Planning and Extended Social Force Model (Marta Galvan, Ely Repiso, Alberto Sanfeliu)....Pages 15-27
Evaluation of SLAM Algorithms for Highly Dynamic Environments (Oliver Roesler, Vignesh Padubidri Ravindranath)....Pages 28-36
An Aerial Robot Path Follower Based on the ‘Carrot Chasing’ Algorithm (Hector Perez-Leon, Jose Joaquin Acevedo, Jose A. Millan-Romera, Alejandro Castillejo-Calle, Ivan Maza, Anibal Ollero)....Pages 37-47
ROSS-LAN: RObotic Sensing Simulation Scheme for Bioinspired Robotic Bird LANding (Juan Pablo Rodríguez-Gómez, Augusto Gómez Eguíluz, José Ramiro Martínez-de Dios, Aníbal Ollero)....Pages 48-59
Low Cost Binaural System Based on the Echolocation (Thiago Fernandes Moya Moreira, José Lima, Paulo Costa, Márcio Cunha)....Pages 60-71
Fully Coupled Six-DoF Nonlinear Suboptimal Control of a Quadrotor: Application to Variable-Pitch Rotor Design (Saeed Rafee Nekoo, José Ángel Acosta, Aníbal Ollero)....Pages 72-83
Human-Robot Collaborative Navigation Search Using Social Reward Sources (Marc Dalmasso, Anaís Garrell, Pablo Jiménez, Alberto Sanfeliu)....Pages 84-95
Mind Perception of a Sociable Humanoid Robot: A Comparison Between Elderly and Young Adults (Maryam Alimardani, Sonia Qurashi)....Pages 96-108
Velocity-Based Heuristic Evaluation for Path Planning and Vehicle Routing for Victim Assistance in Disaster Scenarios (Manuel Toscano-Moreno, Anthony Mandow, María Alcázar Martínez, Alfonso García-Cerezo)....Pages 109-121
Emergency Landing Spot Detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Gabriel Loureiro, Luís Soares, André Dias, Alfredo Martins)....Pages 122-133
Front Matter ....Pages 135-135
ROS Framework for Perception and Dual-Arm Manipulation in Unstructured Environments (Delia Sepúlveda, Roemi Fernández, Eduardo Navas, Pablo González-de-Santos, Manuel Armada)....Pages 137-147
Modular Dual-Arm Robot for Precision Harvesting (Eduardo Navas, Roemi Fernández, Delia Sepúlveda, Manuel Armada, Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos)....Pages 148-158
Integrating Multiple Sources of Knowledge for the Intelligent Detection of Anomalous Sensory Data in a Mobile Robot (Manuel Castellano-Quero, Juan-Antonio Fernández-Madrigal, Alfonso J. García-Cerezo)....Pages 159-170
A Manipulation Control Strategy for Granular Materials Based on a Gaussian Mixture Model (Carlos M. Mateo, Juan Antonio Corrales, Youcef Mezouar)....Pages 171-183
Visual and Tactile Fusion for Estimating the Pose of a Grasped Object (David Álvarez, Máximo A. Roa, Luis Moreno)....Pages 184-198
Object Classification for Robotic Platforms (Samuel Brandenburg, Pedro Machado, Pranjali Shinde, João Filipe Ferreira, T. M. McGinnity)....Pages 199-210
Front Matter ....Pages 211-211
Effects of a Social Force Model Reward in Robot Navigation Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning (Óscar Gil, Alberto Sanfeliu)....Pages 213-224
A Cross-Situational Learning Based Framework for Grounding of Synonyms in Human-Robot Interactions (Oliver Roesler)....Pages 225-236
A Novel Model for Emotion Detection from Facial Muscles Activity (Elahe Bagheri, Azam Bagheri, Pablo G. Esteban, Bram Vanderborgth)....Pages 237-249
Producing Parameterized Value Functions Through Modulation for Cognitive Developmental Robots (Alejandro Romero, Francisco Bellas, Jose A. Becerra, Richard J. Duro)....Pages 250-262
Benchmarking Deep and Non-deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Discrete Environments (Fernando F. Duarte, Nuno Lau, Artur Pereira, Luís P. Reis)....Pages 263-275
Front Matter ....Pages 277-277
Versatile and Massive Experimentation of Robot Swarms in Industrial Scenarios (Vivian Cremer Kalempa, Marco Antonio Simoes Teixeira, André Schneider de Oliveira)....Pages 279-290
Edge-Enabled Autonomous Navigation and Computer Vision as a Service: A Study on Mobile Robot’s Onboard Energy Consumption and Computing Requirements (Jens Lambrecht, Eugen Funk)....Pages 291-302
A Bio-Inspired Approach for Robot Swarm in Smart Factories (Ronnier Frates Rohrich, Marco Antonio Simoes Teixeira, Luis Piardi, André Schneider de Oliveira)....Pages 303-314
Positioning System for UAV Precision Tasks Near Walls in GPS Denied and Metallic Environments (Felix Orjales, Javier Losada-Pita, Alejandro Paz-Lopez, Alvaro Deibe)....Pages 315-326
CRAS (Climbing Robot for Autonomous InSpection): The Challenges of a High-Temperature Tank (Nicolas Dalmedico, Higor Barbosa Santos, Juliano Scholz Slongo, Marco Antônio Simões Teixeira, Piatan Sfair Palar, Vinicius Vargas Terres et al.)....Pages 327-338
Indoor Environment Monitoring in Search of Gas Leakage by Mobile Robot (João Braun, Luis Piardi, Thadeu Brito, José Lima, Ana Pereira, Paulo Costa et al.)....Pages 339-350
Performance of New Global Appearance Description Methods in Localization of Mobile Robots (Vicente Román, Luis Payá, María Flores, Sergio Cebollada, Óscar Reinoso)....Pages 351-363
Front Matter ....Pages 365-365
Asynchronous mmWave Radar Interference for Indoor Intrusion Detection (Edgar S. Gonçalves, Francisco C. Teixeira, Daniel F. Albuquerque, Eurico F. Pedrosa)....Pages 367-378
Machine Learning Methods for Radar-Based People Detection and Tracking by Mobile Robots (José Castanheira, Francisco Curado, Eurico Pedrosa, Edgar Gonçalves, Ana Tomé)....Pages 379-391
Tracking Drones with Drones Using Millimeter Wave Radar (Sedat Dogru, Rui Baptista, Lino Marques)....Pages 392-402
Front Matter ....Pages 403-403
Classification of Daily Activities Using an Intelligent Tip for Crutches (Asier Brull, Aitor Gorrotxategi, Asier Zubizarreta, Itziar Cabanes, Ana Rodriguez-Larrad)....Pages 405-416
ExoFlex: An Upper-Limb Cable-Driven Exosuit (David Pont, Aldo Francisco Contreras, José Luis Samper, Francisco Javier Sáez, Manuel Ferre, Miguel Ángel Sánchez et al.)....Pages 417-428
Using a Collaborative Robot to the Upper Limb Rehabilitation (Lucas de Azevedo Fernandes, José Luis Lima, Paulo Leitão, Alberto Yoshiro Nakano)....Pages 429-440
Grasping Angle Estimation of Human Forearm with Underactuated Grippers Using Proprioceptive Feedback (Francisco Pastor, Juan M. Gandarias, Alfonso J. García-Cerezo, Antonio J. Muñoz-Ramírez, Jesús M. Gómez-de-Gabriel)....Pages 441-452
Integration of a Surgical Robotic Co-worker in an Endoscopic Neurosurgical Assistance Platform (Álvaro Muñoz García, Irene Rivas, Javier P. Turiel, Víctor Muñoz, Juan Carlos Fraile Marinero, Eusebio de la Fuente et al.)....Pages 453-464
Smart Companion Pillow – An EPS@ISEP 2019 Project (Alexandre Soares dos Reis, Elien Gielen, Ko Wopereis, Marcel Pasternak, Vaido Sooäär, Tobias Schneider et al.)....Pages 465-476
Advantages of the Incorporation of an Active Upper-Limb Exoskeleton in Industrial Tasks (Andrea Blanco, José M. Catalán, Jorge A. Díez, José V. García, Luis D. Lledó, Emilio Lobato et al.)....Pages 477-484
Assistance Strategies for Robotized Laparoscopy (Alicia Casals, Albert Hernansanz, Narcís Sayols, Josep Amat)....Pages 485-496
Suitable Task Allocation in Intelligent Systems for Assistive Environments (Manuel Vinagre, Joan Aranda, Alicia Casals)....Pages 497-509
Front Matter ....Pages 511-511
Coverage Path Planning Optimization for Slopes and Dams Inspection (Iago Z. Biundini, Aurelio G. Melo, Milena F. Pinto, Guilherme M. Marins, Andre L. M. Marcato, Leonardo M. Honorio)....Pages 513-523
Evaluating an AEF Swimming Microrobot Using a Hardware-in-the-loop Testbed (José Emilio Traver, Inés Tejado, Cristina Nuevo-Gallardo, Javier Prieto-Arranz, Miguel A. López, Blas M. Vinagre)....Pages 524-536
Learning Low-Level Behaviors and High-Level Strategies in Humanoid Soccer (David Simões, Pedro Amaro, Tiago Silva, Nuno Lau, Luís Paulo Reis)....Pages 537-548
Front Matter ....Pages 549-549
3D Hand Joints Position Estimation with Graph Convolutional Networks: A GraphHands Baseline (John-Alejandro Castro-Vargas, Alberto Garcia-Garcia, Sergiu Oprea, Pablo Martinez-Gonzalez, Jose Garcia-Rodriguez)....Pages 551-562
Map Slammer: Densifying Scattered KSLAM 3D Maps with Estimated Depth (Jose Miguel Torres-Camara, Felix Escalona, Francisco Gomez-Donoso, Miguel Cazorla)....Pages 563-574
Integration of the Alexa Assistant as a Voice Interface for Robotics Platforms (Alejandro Hidalgo-Paniagua, Andrés Millan-Alcaide, Juan P. Bandera, Antonio Bandera)....Pages 575-586
Adapting ROS Logs to


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机器人2019:第四届伊比利亚机器人会议:机器人学进展,第2卷-Robot 2019: Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference: Advances in Robotics
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