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智能手册:理论、测量和应用-Handbook of Intelligence: Theories, Measurements, And Applications

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标题(title):Handbook of Intelligence: Theories, Measurements, And Applications
作者(author):Benjamin B. Wolman
出版社(publisher):John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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_Handbook of Intelligence_ is the most comprehensive reference work devoted to human intelligence. Drawing on contributions from leading international authorities, it brings together the major theories and controversies, measurement methods and applications in the held. Handbook of Intelligence is unique in the psychological reference literature. While there have been several books written on intelligence and psychological tests, none have attempted to examine intelligence with the depth and breadth of this work. It covers the entire held of intelligence, from its historical beginning and conceptual and practical development, all the way to the present state of the art.
Divided into three sections, the Handbook deals with theories and conceptual issues related to intelligence in the first part. It describes the various measurement methods and tests in the second part, explaining their rationale and limitations. Finally, the third part presents clinical and educational applications of intelligence and its tests and measurements.
Unrivaled in coverage, depth, and clarity of presentation, the Handbook of Intelligence is a must for anyone concerned with the issues of human intelligence. It is an invaluable sourcebook of inspiration and knowledge for scholars, scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, psychiatric social workers, graduate students, researchers, and libraries.
Table of contents :
PART ONE: Theories
1. "Genetic Determinants of Intelligence", Steven G. Vandenberg and George P. Vogler
2. "Cognitive Approaches to Intelligence", Robert J. Sternberg
3. "Neurological Foundations of Intelligence", George W. Hynd and W. Grant Willis
4. "Genetic Epistemology and the Development of Intelligence", Gerald E. Gruen
5. "General Intelligence: An Integration of Factor, Test, and Simplex Theory", Lloyd G. Humphreys
6. "The Structure-of-Intellect Model", J. P. Guilford
7. "Remodeling Old Models of Intelligence", John L. Horn
8. "Intelligence: A Life-Span Developmental Perspective", Roger A. Dixon, Deirdre A. Kramer, and Paul B. Baltes

PART TWO: Measurements
9. "The Validity of Tests of Intelligence", Nathan Brody
10. "Environment and IQ", Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr. and Nancy L. Segal
11. "The Controversy Related to the Use of Psychological Tests", Robert M. Kaplan
12. "Infant Intelligence and Its Assessment", Michael Lewis and Margaret Wolan Sullivan

13. "Clinical Assessment of Children’s Intelligence with the Wechsler Scales", Cecil R. Reynolds and Alan S. Kaufman
14. "New Directions in Intelligence Testing: The Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC)", Alan S. Kaufman, Randy W. Kamphaus, Nadeen L. Kaufman
15. "Mental Measurement of Minority-Group Children", Thomas Oakland and Ronald Parmelee
16. "Transcultural Intellectual Assessment: Performance by Hispanics on the Wechsler Scales", Damian McShane and Valerie J. Cook
17. "Toward a Psychology of Giftedness: A Concept in Search of Measurement", Mary Meeker
18. "Assessment of Mentally Retarded Individuals", Kazuo Nihira
19. "Group Tests of Intelligence", Roger T. Lennon

PART THREE: Applications
20. "Intelligence and Mental Health", Benjamin B. Wolman
21. "Clinical Applications", Irla Lee Zimmerman and James M. Woo-Sam
22. "Clinical Uses of the WAIS-R: Base Rates of Differences Between VIQ and PIQ in the WAIS-R Standardization Sample", Joseph D. Matarazzo and David O. Herman
23. "Educational Applications of Intelligence Testing", Ann E. Boehm
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智能手册:理论、测量和应用-Handbook of Intelligence: Theories, Measurements, And Applications
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