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中东和亚洲的国际劳工移徙:包容和排斥问题-International Labour Migration in the Middle East and Asia: Issues of Inclusion文件编号:1468

上传于 2020年2月27日 23:33
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标题(title):International Labour Migration in the Middle East and Asia: Issues of Inclusion and Exclusion
作者(author):Kwen Fee Lian, Naomi Hosoda, Masako Ishii
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore
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The discourse on migration outcomes in the West has largely been dominated by issues of integration, but it is more relevant to view immigration in non-Western societies in relation to practices of exclusion and inclusion. Exclusion refers to a situation in which individuals and groups are usually denied access to the goods, services, activities and resources associated with citizenship. However, this approach has been criticised in relation to gender issues, which are very relevant to the situation of migrants. The authors in this volume address this criticism. Furthermore, when framed within a North–South discourse, it may be potentially ethnocentric to assume that the experience of exclusion is cross-culturally uniform. Indeed, work on migration issues has invariably been conducted within such a discourse. The contributors go beyond this binary discourse of ‘exclusion versus inclusion’ which has dominated migration research. They examine the situation of migrants in the Middle East and Asia as one that encompasses both exclusion and inclusion, addressing related concepts of empowerment, ethnocracy, the feminisation of migration and gendered geographies of power, liberal constraint and multiculturalism, individual agency, migrant-friendly discourses, spaces of emancipation and spaces of insecurity. The book highlights current research in the Arab Gulf states, and examines multiculturalism in Asia more broadly. It will be of particular interest to students and researchers in international labour migration studies in the Middle East and Asia.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Introduction: Migrants in the Middle East and Asia (Kwen Fee Lian, Naomi Hosoda, Masako Ishii)....Pages 1-11
Ethnocracy in the Arab Gulf States: Oil Rent, Migrants and Authoritarian Regimes (Masaki Matsuo)....Pages 13-35
Empowerment of Migrant Domestic Workers: Muslim Filipinas in the United Arab Emirates (Masako Ishii)....Pages 37-54
The Complexities of Social Inclusion and Exclusion Among Intermarried Filipino Migrant Workers in the United Arab Emirates (Akiko Watanabe)....Pages 55-73
‘This is our home, but we cannot stay here forever’: Second-Generation Asian Youths in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (Naomi Hosoda, Kyoko Matsukawa)....Pages 75-95
Promoting Diversity, Branding the State: Migrant-Friendly Discourses in the United Arab Emirates (Koji Horinuki)....Pages 97-114
Brunei Darussalam: Female Labour Force Participation and Foreign Domestic Workers (Wako Asato)....Pages 115-141
A Space of Emancipation or a Space of Insecurity? Gendered Dimensions in Nepal Town, South Korea (Seonyoung Seo)....Pages 143-155
International Migration and the Politics of Multiculturalism in Japan, South Korea and Singapore (Kwen Fee Lian)....Pages 157-175
Back Matter ....Pages 177-204

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