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拉丁美洲生物伦理学的争论-Controversies in Latin American Bioethics文件编号:1439

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标题(title):Controversies in Latin American Bioethics
作者(author):Eduardo Rivera-López, Martin Hevia
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):3 MB (2930602 bytes)

This book offers a first rate selection of academic articles on Latin American bioethics. It covers different issues, such as vulnerability, abortion, biomedical research with human subjects, environment, exploitation, commodification, reproductive medicine, among others. Latin American bioethics has been, to an important extent, parochial and unable to meet stringent international standards of rational philosophical discussion. The new generations of bioethicists are changing this situation, and this book demonstrates that change. All articles are written from the perspective of Latin American scholars from several disciplines such as philosophy and law. Working with the tools of analytical philosophy and jurisprudence, this book defends views with rational argument, and opening for pluralistic discussion.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
Introduction: Why (and How) Bioethics Matters in Latin America (Martin Hevia, Eduardo Rivera-López)....Pages 1-8
Front Matter ....Pages 9-9
Anti-abortion Laws and the Ethics of Abortion (Gustavo Ortiz Millán)....Pages 11-32
Conscious Oppression: Conscientious Objection in the Sphere of Sexual and Reproductive Health (Marcelo Alegre)....Pages 33-51
The Legal Status of Surrogacy in Latin America (Martin Hevia)....Pages 53-63
Front Matter ....Pages 65-65
Revisiting Vulnerability: Its Development and Impact (Florencia Luna)....Pages 67-81
Consent and Exploitation in Bioethics: Individual Ethics and Legal Regulation (Eduardo Rivera-López)....Pages 83-95
Oneself and One’s Body: Commodification and (In)alienability (Antonio Bascuñán Rodríguez)....Pages 97-112
Front Matter ....Pages 113-113
Outsourcing Clinical Trials to Latin America: Causes and Impact (Nuria Homedes, Antonio Ugalde)....Pages 115-144
Innovative Care in Latin America: Definition, Justification and Ethical Principles (Felicitas Holzer, Ignacio Mastroleo)....Pages 145-176
Ethics in Conducting and Communicating Research: A Brazilian Perspective (Marisa Palácios, Sergio Rego)....Pages 177-199
Front Matter ....Pages 201-201
A Latin American Perspective to Agricultural Ethics (Cristian Timmermann)....Pages 203-217
A Territorial Mediation in a Triangular Affair Towards an Ecological Territorial Sovereignty (Alfonso Donoso)....Pages 219-235
Back Matter ....Pages 237-243

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