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激进美学与现代黑人民族主义-Radical Aesthetics and Modern Black Nationalism文件编号:1364

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标题(title):Radical Aesthetics and Modern Black Nationalism
作者(author):GerShun Avilez
出版社(publisher):University of Illinois Press
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The ways the Black Arts era influences African American literature, visual art, and cultural history

Radical Aesthetics and Modern Black Nationalism explores the long-overlooked links between black nationalist activism and the renaissance of artistic experimentation emerging from recent African American literature, visual art, and film. GerShun Avilez charts a new genealogy of contemporary African American artistic production that illuminates how questions of gender and sexuality guided artistic experimentation in the Black Arts Movement from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. As Avilez shows, the artistic production of the Black Arts era provides a set of critical methodologies and paradigms rooted in the disidentification with black nationalist discourses. Avilez's close readings study how this emerging subjectivity, termed aesthetic radicalism, critiqued nationalist rhetoric in the past. It also continues to offer novel means for expressing black intimacy and embodiment via experimental works of art and innovative artistic methods.

A bold addition to an advancing field, Radical Aesthetics and Modern Black Nationalism rewrites recent black cultural production even as it uncovers unexpected ways of locating black radicalism.
Table of contents :
Cover......Page 1
Title......Page 4
Contents......Page 8
Acknowledgments......Page 10
Introduction: The Art of Revolution......Page 14
Part I. The Question of "Closing Ranks"......Page 40
1 The Claim of Innocence: Deconstructing the Machinery of Whiteness......Page 42
2 The Suspicion of Kinship: Critiquing the Construct of Black Unity......Page 74
Part II. The Bodily Logic of "Revolutionizing the Mind"......Page 106
3 The Demands on Reproduction: Worrying the Limits of Gender Identity......Page 108
4......Page 146
Conclusion: Queering Representation......Page 180
Notes......Page 194
Index......Page 220

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